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LINE sticker production

Information from application to completion

​・ Animation sticker

・ Custom sticker
・ Message sticker
・ BIG sticker
・ Pop-up sticker
・ Effect sticker
Submit application form
Please fill in the application form and send it.
We will get back to you with a quote.
Confirmation of quotation ~ Payment
Please check the quotation.
・ After confirming payment, we will start producing the rough version.
Rough version production-Rough version correction

Rough version production days: about 1 week* The number of days varies depending on the content

Please check the rough version and make corrections.

The number of corrections and the number of days will vary depending on the content of your application.
​Examination application-delivery (sales start)

After correcting the rough version, apply for examination to LINE Co., Ltd.

We will deliver it as soon as it passes the examination of LINE Co., Ltd.

Examination days: About 2 weeks ~

* The number of examination days varies depending on the examination status of LINE Co., Ltd.

* In the case of remand of examination by LINE Co., Ltd.

  • We will notify the customer of the reason for the remand, correct it, and apply for examination again.

* If you do not pass the examination by LINE Co., Ltd.

  • If correction is not possible and you cannot pass the examination, we may offer a full refund.

* Customers who apply are assumed to have agreed to our "Terms of Service" and " Privacy Policy ".

* Copyright and portrait rights require the permission of the right holder. We will inform you of the necessary documents.

* Stamps sold from our account can be canceled, resumed, or deleted at the request of the customer.

  • Please note that we are not responsible for stamps downloaded while they are reflected in the system.

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