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What is "PeaceFullSmile?" 

Every trade benefits someone else.
The theme of this NFT image is a smile filled with surprise and joy,

like when you receive a surprise gift.

How can it be for someone else?

A portion of the proceeds generated from

each trade will donate to a social action project.

Designed like a coin

Wouldn't it be interesting if coin-shaped NFT arts,

neither cash nor cryptocurrency, circulated on the web?

Model of image

There is no model.
It's no gender, age, race, or nationality.
The design is randomly colored and is unique in the world.

Social Contribution

Works sold at OpenSea.
A portion of this collection's proceeds

will donate to social contribution activities.
We hope to realize a world full of smiles.

Activity Report

We just started in April 2022.
We will publish it on this site as needed.

You can purchase NFT works on OpenSea.
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